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Complete Pool Package

An above ground pool in your backyard gives you and your family the freedom to use it anytime day or night. Your backyard oasis eliminates driving to the local pool, buying yearly passes, or waiting in long lines at busy water parks.

  • 7" Extruded Resin Top Seat
  • 6" Textured Coated Gray Up-Rights
  • 2 Piece Molded Resin Top Covers
  • Universal Galvanized Steel Sub-Structure
  • 52" Deep Crystex Coated Galavanized Steel Wall
    • Pool Package Includes:
    • Molded Resin A-frame ladder
    • Sand Filter System
    • Wide Mouth Skimmer
    • Vinyl All Weather 20 mil Liner
    • Solar Cover and Winter cover
    • Floating Fountain
    • Superior Maintenance Kit
    • Installation DVD
Round Pool Installation Reference Guide
Oval Pool Installation Reference Guide

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